Become a Phenomenon on Social Media


We all know phenomenon what does it mean. If many people follow a people on social media, He ıs phenomenon.So, I will talk about how wıll we become a fenomenon on social media?

#I will tell this subject under four question.

  • What we need to become a phenomenon?
  • How Will we proceed to become a phenomenon?
  • Why Should we become a phenomenon?
  • What happens after we become a phenomenon?

What We Need?

You don’t have to need special abilities. You can just do something with phone camera.You can share photos and videos on ınstagram or you can make vlog videos for youtube.However this will seem like a hobi.

if you want to do this professionally, You have to have lots of equipments. These are some of the necessary equipment. It is worth about 50 thousand TL. But You can get subcategories of them.

And… That all Equipments don’t enough to become a phenomenon.You will need lots of computer programs for make videos.You have to know ıts.

How Will We Proceed?

If you decided to become phenomenon, you should never give up. Success on this platform comes with regular work.You should share every day.If you get bored, you lose.You must be patient, determined and working hard until you have 10 thousand followers or subscribers.After 10 thousand followers you will grow up faster.You should always self-confidence and believe you will.

Why Should We Become A Phenomenon?

Social media is like a fıeld. If you share video or article on youtube and web site,You can increase your harvest every day. If you share, you will always earn from this place and there ısn’t cost.

What Happens After Become A Phenomenon?

If you are a phenomenon, life will be great for you. Because, you dont have to wake up early, your work is at home and you can do it whenever you want. Be sure, You will earn lots of money on social media.Not just on youtube, you will earn from all of the social media.You just should start from somewhere.

This article was my presentation.



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